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Date: March 14, 2007    From: Don Cushine

Organizational Changes

Effective March 9, 2007, there has been a change in the organizational structure for our private car and charter operations group. This was done so that we could operate more effectively as well as to better meet the needs of our customers. As a result, one position was eliminated (Phyllis Ferretti-Serfess) and the groups have been combined to form a special train operations group. This group will now be responsible for handling private cars, charter and test trains and any other special car or train movement that needs processing. This will also help to eliminate any confusion that might exist when developing private car charters which were handled by both groups in the past. This will also allow us to shift our internal resources as required when there are peak travel times for private cars or charters which often times tend to be at different times of the year. Listed below are the telephone numbers and normal work days for this group.

  • Billie Ernest    302-683-2297    Sunday - Thursday
  • Donna Myers    302-683-2110    Tuesday - Saturday
  • Gwen Barringer    302-683-2155    Tuesday - Saturday
  • Sheila Marlowe    302-683-2051    Sunday - Thursday

    Garden Track – Environmental Assessment

    On February 22, 2007 an Environmental Assessment was done at the Los Angeles Station. As part of the inspection, they discovered that cleaning chemicals and refrigerant gas was stored in the electrical building in the Garden Track area. There are Storm Water Drain permit requirements that have to be met and the storage of these items is a violation of these permits. Also, various repair and mechanical parts were found in this building which is also prohibited. The drains in this facility are for storm water only and the dumping (voluntary or involuntarily) of chemicals, refrigerants or anything other than storm water is strictly prohibited. No work should be done on a car that jeopardizes this requirement. Further, letters to all individuals who store cars at the Garden Track will be sent shortly to personally remind you of these requirements.

    CNOC – Service Desk (Further start up details and phone numbers will follow)

    We are in the process of establishing a 24/7 Customer Service Desk at CNOC that will begin operation in early April. On Monday, March 12th, the four Officers for the Customer Service Desk began their training. After a three week training program, we anticipate a start up of the "Service Desk" on or about April 2, 2007. The primary function of the "Service Desk" will be to provide interactive support and assistance to the Operations desks and field personnel in all service recovery initiatives. This includes, but is not limited to assisting with customer service issues, alternate transportation, food shortages, service disruptions and VIP Travel. They will also provide support for the "Go Team" as well as an off hours point of contact for private car and special moves, as well as the Delay Reporting Center. Listed below are the individuals who comprise this new group with a brief biography.

    Diane McConnell

    Has been selected for the manager’s position that will oversee the operation of the Customer Service Desk at CNOC. This assignment was effective on February 12th and she has been preparing for the start up of this new 24/7 operation since joining us here at CNOC last month. Diane joins us from Reservations where she has spent her entire 32 year Amtrak career. She has held numerous positions there starting as a reservation agent and most recently, Diane was the supervisor of the Support Desk. Diane also spent over 4 years on the Customer Relations Desk at the Philadelphia Call Center and she is no stranger to handling customer service concerns and challenges. Diane brings over 30 years of customer service experience with her, including a vast knowledge of service recovery.

    Karen Ciesla DeAngelis

    Has 33 years of Amtrak experience, starting her career as a Reservation Sales Agent in 1973. During her career, she has held various positions including; Station Supervisor New York, Chief OBS, Supervisor Mail, Baggage and Express and Manager of Building Maintenance in Philadelphia. Most recently, Karen has worked as a Crew Management Representative at CNOC for the past 7 years.

    Jody Miller

    Has 25 years of Amtrak service, starting her career as a Reservation Sales Agent in 1982. Jody has worked in various capacities during her career including working as trainer, schedule change lead, special accounts, the group desk and as an acting supervisor. Most recently, Jody was the lead of the Support Desk at the Philadelphia Call Center.

    Sophia Ryales

    Has 18 years of Amtrak Service, starting her career as a Reservation Sales Agent. She has also worked in various capacities at the Philadelphia Call Center including; acting supervisor and trainer. Most recently, Sophia has worked as a Customer Relations Representative.

    Therese Drew

    Has 14 years of Amtrak service, starting her career as a Reservation Sales Agent. She has also worked as Customer Relations Representative and an acting supervisor. Most recently, Therese has been the night Lead Clerk in Customer Relations at the Philadelphia Call Center.

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