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City Of Anacortes Council
904 6th Street
P.O. Box 547
Phone: (360) 299-1950
Fax:(360) 293-1938 – fax

Nick Petrish, Ward 1
1907 9th St.
Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-293-5021

Kevin McKeown. Ward 3
3936 W. 12th St.
Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-588-6998

Cynthia Richardson, Position 5
315 V Avenue
Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-299-9081

Erica Pickett, Position 7
1112 18th Street
Anacortes, WA 98221

Brad Adams, Ward 2
607 38th Street
Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-293-3056

Brian E. Geer, Position 4
2507 Shannon Point Road
Anacortes, WA 98221

Bill Turner, Position 6
4401 Anaco Beach Place
Anacortes, WA 98221

Mayor H. Dean Maxwell
P.O. Box 547
904 6th Street
Phone (360) 299-1950
Fax: (360) 293-1938

1215 Anderson Road
P.O. Box 578
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
360-424-3251 | Fax: 360-424-5300

Dear Mayor Maxwell, City Council Member, Samish and other Nation Tribal Members, Anacortes Merchants and Citizens,

Thank you for responding to our notice to remove “Anacortes” from ATD LINES Rail Line Communities Directory.

ATD LINES Mission is to promote the rail line communities, foster development of improving railway passenger services toward NRPC, Terminal Railways, Shorelines, Event Carriers, Historical, Excursion & Tourist Railway, including luxury and private railcar services, along with connecting services.

The notice that was emailed was not intended to start conflict, but to bring to your attention that the City Of Anacortes, throughout it Transportation Policies and Practices, has:

“The Anacortes, WA Transportation Plan

The transportation plan offers real choices for mobility, focusing important facility improvements and ideas for alternatives to driving alone.

It integrates four modes of transportation - pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and automobile in order to:

  • · Preserve community character
  • · Ensure excellent quality of life
  • · Maintain economic vitality
  • · Support land use and development
  • · Provide good mobility
  • · Promote health and safety
  • · Provide easy freight movement

    The transportation plan is a document of policies, guidelines, projects, performance monitoring, financial review, financing, and operational guidelines that will channel the City’s transportation investments over the next 6-years and beyond.

    It is imperative that the community be involved in the development of Anacortes’ transportation plan. The transportation plan is action oriented and is intended to strengthen regional partnerships and Advocacy on today’s critical issues. The City needs the community’s help in understanding and identifying key issues so that these Issues can be addressed. The transportation plan is the first step in getting a project accomplished.“ (No mention of Railway Improvements)

    Has in fact removed all trackage leading to the City Of Anacortes, Washington, which in fact has the intent to limit, restrict, prevent, and deny any passenger railway services from entering the city. Including the fact that any railway passenger tourism business is prevent from doing business with the merchants of Anacortes, Along with the fact that Anacortes citizen have limited option in what form of transportation is available to them.

    Over the year the City Of Anacortes, has not taken initiative to invite any National/International Passenger Train to Anacortes, nor taken advantage of NRPC Historical Special Railway Services, nor has Anacortes developed any historical, tourist railway options available to them. The transportation action taken was hard-line to prevent railway passenger business. As there is no plan in progress, or studies taken to improve rail transportation and prevent the removal of trackage. In fact the City of Anacortes as not development a partnership with Mount Vernon, to provide rail shuttles between the two cities. Only Fossil-Fuel motorist was in the plan, this is do the fact that city revenue tax benefit the city to encourage citizen to of all ages to purchase fossil-fuel.

    Local Tribal Leadership Policy Practices, has been to foster only fossil-fuel motorist, to there establishment, they refuse to advertise in railway publications, refuse to provide shuttle services for railway passengers. The Tribe only provides shuttle services for non-railway transportation services.

    Railway Services enhance rail line communities, provide a quality of life improvement, crates positive environment green technologies and further a balanced transportation system.

    Anacortes has suggest that railway passenger are welcomes to park and stay at a dangerous Oil Refinery Site. Those passenger families would have to entertain themselves at Oil Refinery, that railway passenger children would have to play in Oil Refinery. This is unacceptable! “Dangerous and Unhealthy Environment”.

    The Question To ask here is: Do the council member families picnic the refinery and allow children to play at Oil Refinery? I hope not!

    To have a Luxury Train side at a smelly, dangerous Oil Refinery would not be “marketable”!

    Bill Turner, Position 6, states that railway businesses & passenger are welcomed! This is a positive proclamation, to begin the process, to re-install trackage and work in community partnership with National/International Railway Passenger Services and community effort to provide transportation option to citizens of Anacortes.

    President Obama, has provide the NRPC with 8 Billion Dollars to improve National Passenger Services, which increases rail traffic and railway business opportunities for ALL RAILWAY PASSENGER SERVICES. One current re-activation of services is the Seattle-Denver Operations

    Mayor H. Dean Maxwell, statement does not provide any hope for citizens involved in railway passenger industry, nor a quality of life improve for local citizens, no rail transportation options exist continuation fossil-fuel techology:

    “I care deeply about this region and specifically this community. Anacortes is a very unique place and we have been blessed with much more than just this area’s natural beauty. We benefit greatly from our many resources, but undeniably, the most important of them are human.

    We need to plan conservatively to ensure that the quality of life we live here in Anacortes, Skagit County, and the Pacific Northwest does not denigrate. This mission fuels my desire to serve our community.”

    ATD LINES being active member of Seattle Chamber Of Commerce and 30 year a professionalism in rail business, pride is in ATD LINES website as one of best sites available for "National /International" citizens, who wish to travel to rail line communities. Including promoting the " ALL Railway Services", not just NRPC. ATD LINES contribution to Washington State has been on going Since 1981, in which improvement made with NRPC and our effect to get Sound Transit, streetcar and light rail to Washington State

    Since Trains get 400 mile per gallon (AAR) and have operational Cost at $4.80 per mile (1993 Dollars USDOT). How much mileage does the average citizen of Anacortes get with each purchase of Fossil Fuel? Please be advised that not all railway services use fossil fuels, most use electrification. BNSF has introduced the Hydrogen Engine to it fleet for testing. So its unfair to say that all railroad use fossil fuels. Besides the amount of per passenger energy consumption is far less then motorist! Washington State Citizens rejected the MSPCRR Electrification and refused to purchase ticket. As the MSPCRR was the leading railroad in advance technology.

    It is time for Anacortes Government to realize and accept what they have done and stop laying blame on Railway Industry Business Services. Removal of track was done by the Anacortes Government and only by such elected members to prevent Railway Passenger Business from being re-established. In early 1980 ATD LINES came to Anacortes and discussed the Railway Tour Program, with Chamber of Commerce. However, the city refused to accept the plan and refused to work with the railway passenger industry.

    Now its up to the City of Anacortes leaders and local tribes to organize and takes charge of there destiny for future generation and begin the planning to re-establish rail service to the city and work with railway passenger industry.

    ATD LINES suggestion is that the City work with City of Mount Vernon Train Station and ATD LINES to Market your community

  • Note #1: Supportive document is not limited too and includes USDOT, WSDOT, SDOT, FRA, BTS, AAR, AAPRCO, ASR and other associations, organizations

    This document is ATD LINES copyrighted 1981-2009 and all rights reserved

    Supportive Document:

    Westside/Downtown District

  • Map# 1:
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  • MAP #7:

    Tommy Thompson Trail

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    Train Depot

  • REF #3:
  • REF #4:
  • REF #5:
  • REF #6:

    Jan Drago/Clemons

  • REF #7:
  • REF #8:
  • REF #9:
  • FEF #10:
  • REF #11:
  • REF #12:

    Anacortes, Wa

  • REF #13:
  • REF #14:
  • REF #14a:
  • REF #14b:
  • REF #14c:


    REF #15:


    REF #16:


    SUGESSTIONS & RESOURCE for city re-development of rail-links:

  • 1).
  • 2).
  • 3).
  • 4).
  • 5).
  • 6). Scott Witts at WSDOT maybe of services too.
  • 7). City maybe interested in what other cities are doing/ list is not complete-updating for 2010


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