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245 High School Road, NW Bainbridge Island
Washington 98110

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Louis Charles Hoffmann Alloin
Founder, CEO,
Government & Industrial Affair Executive,
Information Specialist Officer,
Emergency Management Officer,
Passenger Rail Travel Specialist,
IT & Electronic Technician.

Mr Alloin is the founder and principal stakeholder having 30 years experience as a practicing governmental industrial affairs, 40 years information specialist, 20 years transportation technology analysis, 10 years computer technology specialist, 30 year imaging production photographer, life time equipment consummate innovator and entrepreneur. His experience, professional academics has produced many successful leadership participation in the development of:

1. Pioneering the" National Dining Train Programs" including Washington State Dinner Trains;

2. Pioneered marketing and development of "Amtrak Pacific Northwest Parlor Car Services";

3. Participated in Seattle COG to organization "Cascade International" rail services;

4. Corporate and military special tactical transportation development;

5. Seattle COG consultant who pioneered the "Seattle Sounder Train" and "Light Rail Projects";

6. Instrumental in Seattle cruise ship development and rail-ship travel industry "Event Carriership Program".

7. Founder of Railway Business Car Services/RBCS and many other rail line community rail programs.

8. A vocal business partnership member of Seattle Central Waterfront Committee/CWC.

9. Business Leadership in Seattle CWC, rail development of Seattle-Whitter Alaska Carferry.

10. Business Leadership in Seattle NTD, rail development of Seattle-National Train Day Event.

11. Business Leadership in Seattle SRHS, rail development of Seattle-Railway Historical Society.

12. Business Leadership in PV/Private Passenger Railcar Industry, development of Railway City.

13. Business Leadership in rail travel development of the Senior Travel Services.

Mr. Alloin is a well respected professional in the rail transportation industry and a upstanding active member of:

  • American Association Private Railcar Owners/AAPRCO,
  • Railroad Passenger Car Alliance/RPCA,
  • National Railroad Historical Society/NRHS,
  • National Center for Railroad Photography and Art/NCFRPA,
  • National Association of Railroad passenger/NARP
  • Antique Wireless Accociatio/AWA,
  • American Radio Relay League/ARRL,
  • Bainbridge Island Amateur Radio Club/BARC,
  • Former Member of Seattle Transportation Club/STC,
  • Former Member of Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

    Mr. Alloin's professional and leadership activities in the rail transportation industry, has organized non-profit organiations, as in:

  • National Train Day Association/NTDA,
  • Seattle Railway Historical Society/SRHS,
  • Natioanl Railway Photography Club/NRPC.

    Louis Alloin Founder and CEO of American Train Destination Lines/ATDLines was founded in 1981 at a time when national rail passenger services were experiencing directional problems and rail passenger and freight line abandonments were wide spread. Mr. Alloin contributed to the success of many state and national rail service program, that American citizens are enjoying today, emerging as a principal decision maker and professional in rail industry.

    In 1986, Mr. Alloin realized the vital importance of intercity high speed railway development, and rail lines community needs for rail business services, began extensive research with national institutes, MIT, Federal and State Governments, including railroad association and operating railroad communications to further the development of new rail line community services.

    Mr. Alloin created ATDLINES Federal Depository Library, for the specific ideals to further academic education within frameworks of our rail transportation system, toward supporting future generation to become involved in the American Rail Transportation continuing development and foster research of new rail technogolies.

    Mr Louis has traveled extensively over the United State, Canada, Mexican and Euopean Railways and Passenger Ship over his life time. Gain spefific knowledge of itinerary planning and rail charters. In early 1980's Mr Alloin was involved in Chartering Amtrak Passenger Railcar for sporting competition, conventions and special bequeths, earning the outstanding respect from Amtrak and travel industry.

    Mr. Alloin has emerged as a rail industry professional with background knowledge, professional experience and academic leadership to become expert in rail industry.


    Mr Alloin is active person involved in many healthy physical fitness, as in:


  • Cycling,
  • Hiking,
  • Camping,
  • Western Horse Back Riding,
  • Jogging,
  • Water Skiing, and
  • Walking.

    Mr Alloin is active citizen involved in many environmental protections activities, as in:

  • Wildlife and Nature Photography,
  • Gardening,
  • Arborist,
  • Ornithology,
  • Arachnid,and
  • Mineralology.

    Mr Alloin's home activities, as in:

  • Food Preservation,
  • Geneology, and
  • Guitar.

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