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ATD Lines introduces the most advanced and powerful business office service, “Railway Business Car Services” for traveling corporate executive who require “business as usual”. Providing a wide range of corporate travel support services.

ATD Lines Railway Business Car Services goal is to develop national image of business integrity, long-term corporate partnership relations, especially corporate executives who insist on quality and reliable transportation throughout the North American Railway System, reaching new heights in client relations and office productivity. ATD Lines provides corporations with greater office flexibility, improved client meeting opportunities, diversity in travel destination options and invaluable communications as business will be as usual, not yet available to North American corporate rail line business communities.

Railway Business Car Services is preparing to introduce the traveling railcar office services accompanied by a vigorous marketing and publicity campaign to attract existing and new corporate travel executives who are already scheduling business trips to increase railcar office traffic. ATD Lines objective is to become the railcar traveling office market leader for preferred professional corporate executive transportation services and leverage its position to provide a whole spectrum of railcar office services. This new transportation service will, solidify ATD Lines Railway Business Car Services plans to be a national and international renowned executive railway office service.

ATD Lines mission is to provide corporations with complete travel solutions and specialized services to encompass current and future corporate executive travel requirements. Railway Business Car Service consumer base includes medium sized business and fortune 500 corporations.

ATD Lines Railway Business Car Services was historical modeled after traditional railroad business Car services during 1850 thru 1960 was developed under the knowledge base and applied technology, including the observed need for more effective and efficient corporate executive travel needs, that existing highway’s and airway’s can not achieve. Long- term strategy is focusing on the problems facing automobile and airline industry, including facts that 6.5 million corporate productivity hours are lost do to exiting transportation services utilized by corporate executives. Thereby, focusing on railroad industries growth, leadership, profits, expanding technologies, affiliations and client retention, do to the effectiveness of railcar office services.

ATD Lines entry in to the Railway Business Car Service will provide a means of transformation for corporate travel executive relations by providing superior services that other transportation systems cannot provide effectively. ATD Lines will be at the forefront of railcar business services, utilizing applied and emerging technology. Railway Business Car Services being the first to market new and affordable business executive railway travel, will be the choice for corporations requirement advanced office system and providing a rail transportation services where no competition exists, will keep ATD Lines progressive in terms of generating revenue.

INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS ATD Lines Railway Business Car Services introduction to the transportation industry and corporate travel services is poised to become valuable leader in business travel services, as a dominant business transportation system.
  • 911 Attack, hijacking and whether has made air transportation more dangerous and unpredictable.
  • Increase airfares and automobile fuels cost and lost time deceases corporate productivity and profits.
  • Predictable travel corporate client relations and changes in transportation policies, require new transportation service options.
  • Rail Passenger transportation industrial has Demonstrated improved ridership and requiring improved services.
  • Increase e-commerce business and advances in technology makes rail line city business marketing favorable.
ATD Lines will make concerted effort to keep clients and corporate consumers informed, including customer are relations to remedy any problem with professional services to our valued clients and quests, as a primary business goal and policy priority. ATD Lines has appealing attributes for corporate executives.
  • Railway Business Car Services surpasses established transportation services by providing corporate executive’s the option of continuing office activities, as existing private railcar lack office technology.
  • ATD Lines has continued to enhance the Railway Business Car Office Technology and Services being introduced, ensuring the highest standard of serviceable offerings.
  • ATD Lines continues to build new business partners, corporate affiliations and continues to seek additional partnerships and affiliates consistent with it growth model and business focus. Rail Line Business partnerships will enhance the overall effective railcar business services, charter services and build critical business support services to meet corporate executive travel requirements and specifications of services.
  • ATD Lines organization of Railway Business Car Services provides flexibility of services, to respond to our corporate client’s and dynamic environment of the marketplace.
  • In comparison to private car industry offering only luxury travel. ATD Lines offers greater services, more rail line destinations, office suites, conference and corporate client relation, that set ATD Lines apart from existing transportation services.


Business environment can be critical to any business; ATD Lines takes all advantages and opportunities to become a highly distinguished and recognizable rail industry leader, do to our experience and knowledge based management advantages:

Railway Business Car Services unique marketing position, as being the only railcar business service.

Services that cater to the corporate executive specific travel requirements and specifications, including personalized customer care.

Comprehensive rail line business support services, necessary for top corporate executives relations and railcar technology that provides performance in business service communications.


ATD Lines is a Railway Business Car Service Provider, operation along North American Railway Systems. The Company offers, railcar office and accommodation charters, rentals and leasing services. Including highest standard of office equipment, communications, food services and dependable, safe and secure railroad transportation.


The rise in HOMELAND SECURITY, fuel cost, airline lacking predictability and lost corporate productive in office environments do to utilization of existing transportation services that limits effectiveness and lack of efficiency. Provides ATD Lines with proven technology to improve corporate business relations, increases corporate effectiveness and efficiency. While existing transportation services were good during non-technology advancement, new and emerging technology challenges and threatens long time growth and profitability of airlines and auto industry. In turn, technology products and services provides ATD Lines with greater opportunity to effectively use such technology that benefits ATD Lines and traveling corporate executive, who can focus on business activities, in which both ATD Lines and our client profit in long term grow profitability.


Advancement in technology and continuing changes in United States Air And Auto Industry, provide a favorable environment for ATD Lines to impact corporate executive business travel services, with fast and economical railway business transportation that would provide reliable railcar office services. However, ATD Lines management continues to identify changing transportation behavior among corporate executives and advancement in e-commerce technology including railcar equipment improvements, it is with great interest that these changes be studies, analyzed and evaluated, so that a continuity of railcar office technology can be applied. Significant technology changes would impact ATD Lines railcar office equipment, thereby; funds and resources will be committed for technology adjustments in railcar business operations. Action will be taken to ensure that rolling stock is expanded to include emerging new services and equipment, to meet demanding needs for railcar office transportation services. ATD Lines research and knowledge base research foresees increased demand for railcar office services as new technologies allow corporations to utilize the railcar office services more productively.


ATD Lines introduction of railcar office transportation services is well positioned as a significant railway transportation service in marketplace. As there is no competition in railcar office services and the range of air and auto competition as independent services will not affect ATD Lines delivery of services to large corporate organizations. ATD Lines has the cutting edge of applied technology and will provide the leadership in this field for many years to come. ATD LINES will become the leader in advanced railcar office services.


ATD Lines has found it necessary and competitive to monitor railroads and equipment, electronic technologies, travel industry for innovative changes including management practices and capital structures changes. In response to these studies, devising timely strategies, contingency planning and implementing plans of marketing strategies to transfer technologies and services including pricing, rival competitions and remaining watchful of emerging innovative technology developments, in order to respond accordingly.

Evaluation Strategy

Evaluation strategies are designed to address twenty-four month periods, as ATD Lines intent is to become a publicly traded company. Thereby, evaluation strategy planning is geared toward growth strategy and quarterly earning.


ATD Lines recognizes substantial opportunities in the railroad and travel industry markets. Capturing these opportunities requires additional capital to fund Railway Business Car Services growth planning. In the future, as ATD Lines increases charter, rental and leasing sales it may be possible to sufficient finance future operations and increased sales levels to finance future improvements to Railway Business Car Operations. ATD Lines has invested research time, manpower hours, created resource depositor library and generated nominal funds to finance current organizational management operations.

Funding Distribution

It is the intent and purpose of ATD Lines to use capital funds for rolling stock, equipment purchasing and renovations, integrate products and services for operations, develop media relations packaging, build target marketing, advertising, promotions, acquire real estate properties, office equipment, additional labor force and training of employees and other resources to enhance capabilities. Investment proceeds will be utilized to increase vital management capacity and enhance Railway Business Car Services presence in the rail travel industry.

Target Audience

The most probable sales prospect for Railway Business Car Services will be fortune 500 corporations and medium sized companies having revenues over one million net sales, including governmental agencies, military services, associations, societies and successful businesses requiring on going office activities.

ATD Lines Railway Business Car Services provides railcar office services that many top corporation need during business travel trips, in order to maximize time and efficiency in effective travel relations. Railway Business Car provides connectivity to corporate office personnel and clients, as extension of office, automated networks, communications and support services. ATD Lines has on-going research and development to provide solutions to client issues and travel requirements, e-commerce and ease to use railcar office features, which enables ATD Lines to enter and compete in new markets and attract new clients.

Railcar Office Markets

Airline and Highway inefficiency, home security policies, lost corporate work hours, emerging technologies have impacted existing transportation and travel services. The demand for improved transportation services and growth in corporate travel requirements has a direct impact on ATD Lines. The sheer number of corporate executives, rail line business centers, leadership conferences and meeting is staggering opportunity for Railway Business Car Services offering personnel railcar offices and destinations located in the heart of business centers. ATD Lines will become the foundation of new travel economy and technology utilization or applied. There is a growing segment of business population of corporate executives that define tomorrows business who will demand effective, efficient and fast travel services, while conducting business “as usual” in the comfort of Railway Business Car Office Services and having complete intercity personnel railcar office.

Marketing Objectives

ATD Lines objectives is to introduce strategic planning that encompass public awareness, corporate advantage to use ATD Lines, build business alliances, identify products and services to expand market leverage and providing customer care that no other transportation can provide.

Ensure comprehensive pricing is cost-effective.

Complete informative literature, itinerary planning, reservation services and professional onboard personnel having specific knowledge of destinations to deliver exceptional services.


ATD Lines is competitive in pricing with minimum requirement of charters starting at $7,500.00

ATD Lines offers investors broad range of investment opportunities.

For additional investment information or inquiry, email: atdlinesinvestments@usa.com 206-780-6885


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atdlinesinvestments@usa.com 206-780-6885

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