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San Antonio & Service Disruptions

Date: April 2, 2004    From: Don Cushine

San Antonio – Private Car Movements

Billie and I would like to thank Bart Barton for his help in setting up this arrangement. Please be aware that If you would like to travel to San Antonio and stay for any length of time you must move your car to Trans Texas Rail for parking.

Listed below are the steps to follow to ensure that your move goes well.

  • File move request with Amtrak
  • Contact Trans Texas Rail, Harold Schroeder, 210-224-9080
  • Trans Texas Rail does a “Bill of Lading” with the Union Pacific
  • Trans Texas gets a “Waybill” number from the Union Pacific
  • Trans Texas Rail then sends the Waybill number to the car owner and to Amtrak
  • Amtrak will include the Waybill number in your approved PNR

    You have to work through Trans Texas Rail to do this, as you are doing a move from zone to zone rather than city to city. Trans Texas Rail has to manually set up the move.

    The alternative to taking the time to do these steps is an $1111 charge each way from the Union Pacific. The Union Pacific will bill Amtrak if your car is not in the waybill system and Amtrak will pass these charges on to you.

    Service Adjustments

    Empire Builder – Detour Due To Trackwork

    Due to trackwork on the CP Railway between LaCrosse, WI and Winona, MN, the Empire Builder, Trains 7/8, will detour between Chicago and Minneapolis - St. Paul on April 26, 27, and 28. On these days, the train will miss stops at:

  • Glenview, IL - GLN
  • Milwaukee, WI - MKE
  • Columbus, WI - CBS
  • Portage, WI - POG
  • Wisconson Dells, WI - WDL
  • Tohmah, WI - TOH
  • LaCrosse, WI - LSE
  • Winona, MN - WIN
  • Red Wing, MN - RDW

    On Train 7, the missed stops will be protected by alternate transportation (bus) to MSP. All city pairs CHI-MSP, except GLN, will be protected. Passengers who wish to board at GLN on Train 7 need to be re-accommodated to either CHI or MKE. On Train 8, passengers for local stops will be bussed from MSP as far as MKE. They will then be able to change at MKE to Hiawatha Service (Train 338) for travel to GLN/CHI (MSP-CHI thru passengers will stay on Train 8).

    The specific trains affected by this work include:

  • 7(4/26),
  • 7(4/27),
  • 7(4/28),
  • 8(4/24),
  • 8(4/25),
  • 8(4/26)

    Auto Train and Silver Service – Service Adjustments Due To Trackwork

    Many of you already know that CSX will be performing a major concrete tie installation project on the Nahunta Subdivision between Savannah (SAV) and Jacksonville, FL (JAX). Amtrak and CSX have completed the operating plan; which will allow Amtrak to continue to operate service, albeit with major changes, during the track curfew period. For your planning purposes, I have included below the changes to service that have been finalized so far.

    CSX will be installing 58,000 concrete ties, 46,000 wood ties, and 9,000 feet of rail between MP 506 and MP 561 (between SAV and JAX) on the Nahunta subdivision. Much of this work will be performed by a P811 machine, almost identical to Amtrak's own TLM, a highly productive and complicated piece of machinery. This project will be performed in three phases between April 11 and June 30 and affect the following Amtrak services:

  • Trains 52/53, The Auto Train
  • Trains 89/90, The Palmetto
  • Trains 91/92, The Silver Star
  • Trains 97/98, The Silver Meteor

    Phase I of the project will be from April 11 to April 21. During this time, work will be performed on double track railroad; which will allow Amtrak trains to pass on the adjacent track. There will be no modifications to the schedule during this phase. Trains operating thru the area may be expected to receive some delay from the resulting congestion.

    Phase II of the project will be from April 25 to June 23 and will be the most disruptive. The track gang will be working Sunday thru Wednesdays from 6:00AM until 4:00PM on single track railroad and no trains will be able to pass thru the affected area (Tuesdays and Wednesdays the gang will clear at 2:00PM after the first week). During this period, Trains 97/98 will be cancelled between New York (NYP) and Miami, FL (MIA). The equipment normally used on 97/98 will be added to trains 91/92 to help preserve as much Northeast-Florida capacity as possible. To ensure Train 91 will be thru the work area before the start of work, Train 91 will depart NYP 1:45 minutes earlier at 9:45AM. Because of the expanded consist of Trains 91/92, Train 92 will depart MIA 2 hours earlier at 8:35AM to ensure that the extra long train arrives before the beginning of the afternoon rush hour.

    Phase III of the project will be from June 27 to June 30. During this time, the track gangs will clear off the track to allow Amtrak trains to pass. All trains will operate normally but may be expected to receive some delay passing thru the affected area due to congestion.

    The first cut at the operating plan during Phase II is included below:

  • Train 97 will not operate NYP-MIA April 23 - June 22 and will be removed from availability

  • Train 98 will not operate MIA-NYP April 25 - June 22 and will be removed from availability

  • Train 91 will operate with the modified schedule April 24 - June 22. This includes stops at JSP at 3:00AM and OKE at 12:06PM.

  • Train 92 will operate with the modified schedule April 25 - June 22. This includes stops at OKE at 11:24AM and JSP at 7:34PM.

    While Trains 91/92 operate with the expanded consists above, we will be limited to handling one private car (rearmost) WAS-JAX-MIA/MIA-JAX-WAS. Private cars traveling from Florida will not be allowed on this train to New York due to limited track capacity in NYP.

    Equipment Plan

    The consist for the expanded 91/92 will be as follows:

  • 2 AEM7s NYP-WAS
  • 2 P42s WAS-MIA
  • Baggage Car with US Mail
  • Baggage Car - Checked Baggage
  • Crew Dorm
  • Viewliner - Lines 9113/9213
  • Viewliner - Lines 9112/9212
  • Viewliner - Lines 9111/9211
  • Viewliner - Lines 9110/9210
  • Diner
  • Diner
  • Smoking Lounge
  • Coach
  • Coach
  • Coach
  • Coach
  • Coach
  • Coach

    Sunset Limited – Service Adjustments Due To Trackwork

    CSX will be performing trackwork on the P&A Subdivision between TLH and PNS from April 13 to May 7. The track gang will be working between MP K715 and MP K803 Tuesday - Fridays. During the work, we will terminate Train 2 that would normally pass NOL on Tuesday evenings. We will also cancel the turn for the Thursday departures from ORL. Passengers who have already booked accommodations on Trains 1/2 will be handled by alternate transportation between ORL and NOL however, we will not allow any additional sales. The specific departures affected by this change are:

    Train #1 Cancelled ORL-NOL:

  • 1(4/15)
  • 1(4/22)
  • 1(4/29)
  • (5/6)

    Train #2 Cancelled NOL-ORL:

  • 2(4/11) - Passing NOL 4/13
  • 2(4/18) - Passing NOL 4/20
  • 2(4/25) - Passing NOL 4/27
  • 2(5/2) - Passing NOL 5/4

    The equipment off the terminated Train 2 at NOL will be held and turned for Train 1.

    There will be 3 busses in each direction as follows to protect the passengers:

  • Eastbound 3 buses. 2 express and 1 local.
  • 1 Express NOL - DLD - JAX
  • 1 Express NOL - PNS - ORL
  • 1 Local Handicap accessible all stops

  • Westbound 3 buses. 2 express 1 local.
  • 1 Express ORL - DLD - NOL
  • 1 Express ORL - JAX - NOL
  • 1 Local Handicap accessible JAX - NOL

    If you have a scheduled trip any of the trains listed above during the affected dates, please contact us.

    Thanks, Don

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