ATD LINES Railway Business Car Transport System will offer "international and national" citizens and corporate, governmental and military business a good, environmental friendly and safe infrastructure that is efficient in terms of rail line community economic growth as a whole and sustainable in the long term.


The overall ATD LINES Railway Business Car transport policy objective is to ensure that international and national citizens, corporations, government agencies and military businesses in all parts of the North American Continent countries are provided with business railway transport that is efficient in terms of the economic growth as a whole and sustainable in the long term.

The overall transport policy objective is broken down into six sub-goals:

1. An rail line community accessible railway transport system;

2. High ATD LINES transport quality standards;

3. Safe transport network;

4. A good rail line community environment;

5. Favorable regional rail line community development;

6. A railway transport system that is managed ATD LINES/American Train Destination Lines and serves the interests of Corporations, government, armed forces and general business and Industry commerce transportation in the long term.

NOTE 1: All six sub-goals must be achieved in the short-term and it may be necessary to priorities among the sub-goals.

The basis of ATD LINES railway business car transport policy objective is that rail transport policy is a means of achieving important goals in:

1. Rail line community economic development,

2. Corporate, government agencies and military transportation alternatives,

3. Society.

ATD LINES Railway Business Car Services should contribute to:

1. Socially,

2. culturally,

3. economically

4. ecologically sustainable development.


ATD LINES Railway Business Car Services corporate, government and military consumers should be provided the greatest possible freedom to decide how to organize and choice a transportation services within the reasonable framework of a responsible railway policy from the point of view of rail transportation safety, the environment, quality of life, business productivity, energy and alternative fuel, balanced transportation, rail business opportunities, rail line community economic development and so on. ATD LINES Policy should be achieved through realistic pricing of different regional rail transport offering in terms of the corporate class and business economy advantages and financial investment opportunities as a whole in terms of:

1. Cooperation between different modes and types of transport should be combined with effective competition between various transport providers and railway transport solutions.

2. Decisions on transport issues should be made in as decentralized forms as possible, with a distinct division of roles between the different planning levels and railway business partnerships.


ATD LINES Railway Business Car Transport policy includes road and railway systems, road traffic, railway traffic, shipping and aviation. It also includes issues relating to railway transport infrastructure, research in specific sectors, and procurement of interaction and partnerships in regional public transport connections.


The diversity and availability access to road and railway transport, shipping and aviation gives citizens, corporations, governments, military and society as a whole greater freedom to choose where to live, how work, educate themselves and spend their free time traveling in a choice of transportation services. All regions, states and rail line communities should have the chance to develop railway business services and coach yard facilities, but rail line community preconditions and needs vary substantially flexibility and well-functioning rail line community markets are an important precondition for railway economic growth. ATD LINES transport system should contribute to greater mobility of rail line communities, corporate and industrial market opportunities, along with improvising business office productivity.

Governmental agencies, public and corporate enterprises and citizens working in the policy area the national, regional and local transportation improvement projects, should be board mined and affluent in railway operation, as well as other modes.

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