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Specializes in railroad property, railcar equipment, structural and maintenance of way development, including erection, renovation and technical engineering for rail line community project management.

ATD Lines Construction Division offers specialized conceptual consultations, design planning, architectural engineering, project phase management, material procurement, scheduling and transportation, mechanical coordination and project equipment staging requirements. Providing project communication, supervision and subcontractor trade coordination, including local, state and federal code regulatory agency compliance.

ATD Lines, has a broad range of experience in railroad industry at various project staging management administration, with support staffing by highly qualified technician specialists and professional service teams, as a unique combinations of governmental and industrial information transfer technology based depository resource core of engineers. This enables complete project integrity, reliability, performance, organization and regulatory safety standards compliance is coordinated in overall project quality control inspection management assessments.

Railcar design and structural engineering toward corporate and governmental agency requirements in specialized passenger and freight railcar specifications for industrial, corporate and military transport services and operational applications for stationing deployment utilization.

Station redevelopment and structure renovation design for passenger detraining facilities and freight express building docking platforms, including traffic distribution engineering and technology transfer modernization towards multi use rail line community facility support services and project team management coordination.

ATD Lines Railway Construction Division principal interests are in railroad transportation technology applications in physical structure and rolling stock functional engineering.

For more information concern how ATD lines can revitalizes your rail line properties or community economic railway station transit center redevelopment and industry rail transportation facility operations.

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