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ATD LINES is pleased that railway services or railroads wish to consider engaging Railway Imaging Services for staged production and remote track location imaging or ATD LINES website e-stock images and specialty promotional product purchasing for travel and transportation industry. To better understand ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services operational policies and fee structure, we would like to explain the usual working methods that we have adapted to make purchasing and contract services simple and understandable.

Any questions should be discussed before we begin working relationship.

ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services does not, in normal practice, sell the stock images directly. Unless a contract media usage rights or bulk merchandise sales has been agreed upon.

ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services on line stock image prints, digital downloads and promotional travel specialty items are available through a vender that provides high quality merchandise. As to contract licensed usage rights to those images for media advertising publications, ATD LINES retain the copyright. ATD LINES is selling the Railway Imaging Services technical and artistic ability to illustrate an idea, with the right to reproduce or use those images in a given context for purpose of promoting individual company object in media advertising or railway transportation industry media advertising purposes.

When pricing any contract imaging assignment or a stock usage there are fees including combinations of a CREATIVE FEE, HARD COPY FEES, and USAGE FEES, plus EXPENSES. The fact that expenses are included in the total cost does not entitle any qualified company to any specific rights to the resulting imaging. All usage is subject to negotiation and contract agreements.

Whether discussing imaging assignment details or the use of any stock on-line imaging for commercial use, fees are based on the rights of purchase agreement, so we need to be specific about how each image (s) requested for purchase are to utilized before any fee for usage is established. ATD LINES willing to sell almost any rights to the images (retain, at minimum, the rights to use the images in ATD LINES self-promotion). ATD LINES findings that it is to client advantage to purchase only the rights required in the first instance, and to come back later to purchase additional rights as requirement develop. Naturally, ATD LINES take into consideration the original usage when pricing additional uses, particularly if the first use was a Railway Imaging Service Assignment for valued clients.

ATD LINES retains property rights to all images and that Railway Imaging Services expect these to be handled carefully (Free Planning Sheets and Calendar are provided for company marketing planning benefit to communicate effectively with ATD LINES on image stock, merchandise or location assignment) while under such company control. Whenever ATD LINES deliver Free Planning Sheets/ Calendar or selective images sent, as all terms and conditions of the delivery are for in-house planning for communications with ATD LINES for purchase contacting communications. If any problems with any of the stated terms please notify ATD LINES via Railway Imaging Services email address:

No use of ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services images are authorized until payment in full has been received. Once the fee is negotiated and work delivered (in the case of on-line stock images purchasing usage, this order is reversed) we will send you an invoice indicating the Copyright License granted. The fees and the specific use rights for which have contracted will be clearly stated on the invoice. Uses that are not clearly defined on the invoice are not authorized; those specified on the invoice are authorized only after the bill has been paid in full. Other uses must be negotiated in advance of the usage.

If you are interested in reviewing the paperwork, we will be happy to forward copies of some imaging standard forms. We are willing to consider specific needs and concerns of ATD LINES clients. ATD LINES is flexible and understand corporate railway company budgets and planning communications, are value for long term business relations. If there are special modification agreements to be included in purchase agreements, please bring them up for discussion.

Commercial business relationship with ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services clients, who are engaging in a thorough determination to open discussion relating to the elements of the corporate or commercial imaging project planning, the approaches for completing the imaging assignment, any ancillary fees, and the imaging usage rights being purchasing. ATD LINES may require bilateral agreement, letter of understanding acknowledging having read and other required agreements to ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services commercial imaging terms.

Thank you for doing business with ATD LINES/Railway Imaging Services.

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