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Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Participation

Railway Business Car Services is in the process of completing a Procurement web-page that will be launched in 2012. The Web-Page will include essential information required of firms interested in contracting with ATD Lines Railway Business Car Services. Of particular importance you will have the ability to register your firm with Railway Business Car Services advertisements on upcoming opportunities.

Railway Business Car Supplier Diversity Links

Railway Business Car Services will provide business with links to:

  • Department Of Transportation Unified Certification Program Directory,
  • Small Business Administration, Dynamic Small Business Search,
  • Department of Veteran Affairs VetBiz Directory,
  • Railway Business Car Services Directory of Participating Firms.


    Railway Business Car Services will utiliize "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" opportunities, with exception to certain contract extensions, Railway Business Car Services policy is to strive for maximum potential opportunities to Small Business concerns and continues to encourage Railway Business Car Services participating contractors to utilize Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in completion of contracted services issued to them by Railway Business Car Services. Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise opportunities exist via "direct and subcontract" awards.


    Prior and subsequent to "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009", Railway Business Car Services continues to require all contractors to meet Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises subcontract obligation goals. All competing contractors are encouraged to post subcontracting opportunities on the U.S. Small Business Administration Subcontracting Network and must agree to use good faith efforts to include the participation of Small Business concerns and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in all solicitations.

    Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises firms interested in subcontract opportunities are encouraged to contact directly with Railway Business Car Services Procurement Division.

    As ARRA Design Phase work to bring Railway Business Car station stops used by Railway Business Car Services into compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, has been completed with Accessible Station Development Program. Railway Business Car Services will contract with Jacobs Program Management Company as the Program Manager for this program, untill further notice.

    To learn more on how your firm can participate in the provision of Program, Construction Management and other services for the construction phase of the Railway Business Car Stationing and yard property upgrades. RBCS STATIONING AND YARD SERVICES


    Contract firms will also continue to be encouraged to access Railway Business Car Services Web-Pages to review the list of solicitations being administered by RBCs Rail Line Community geographical region along Railway Business Car Services routes throughout the United States Rail Line Communities.

    Railway Business Car Services effort to support all contractors are also encouraged to visit the following links for Resource Information:

    Small Business Administration-Dynamic Small Business Search

    States Department of Transportation
    Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Directories

    Railway Business Car Services Business Directory

    United States Depaertment of Veterans Affairs
    VetBiz Directory

    Small Business Administration
    Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Certification

    Railway Business Car Services recognizes Small Business concerns, including 8A, Small Disadvantaged Businesses except self certified, Women-owned Small Business and Small HUB Zone firms certified or registered with the Small Business Administration. Railway Business Car Services recognizes Small Businesses certified under the Unified Certification Program administered by each State Department Of Trainsportation. If you are certified by the Small Business Administration, any State Department Of Trainsportation under their Unified Certification Program, or the nited States Depaertment of Veterans Affairs, please complete an Railway Business Car Services Business Profile Form. Your firm's profile will be added to Railway Business Car Services Business directory for future solicitation consideration by Railway Business Car Services Contracting Team Management.

    If you have previously completed a business profile form, please ensure the information is current, accurate and complete, as the form continues to evolve.


    If you have any questions, contact the following:


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