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ATD LINES has done significant research and development of "LAKE WASHINGTON RAILWAY CORRIDOR" for Short Line Railway Improvement transportation projects for ROADRAILER FREIGHT SERVICES and RAILWAY BUSINESS CAR SERVICES "East Side Coach Yard" at Redmond, Washington and other corridor rail improvements for SOUND TRANSIT COMMUTER RAIL SERVICES, including Railway Emergency Disaster and Event Train Tours. Railway alternative access routes has been a major priority for near future implementation of Short Lines Rail Operations and specialized intermodal freight services,offering speaker services to openly provide vital information and discussion on railway improvement for East Side Rail Corridor.

In the last year ATD LINES has been testifying before Seattle City Council and King County Transportation and communications with BNSF Short Line Development participating in open house public comments and transportation public hearings with Various Transportation Projects and discussion with, Seattle and King County representatives having interest (including Possible Interest) in East Side Railway Corridor Project offering to address issues, expand discussion options, informative objective information and resources for citizens or groups to gain vital information on railway improvement and benefit to rail line communities.

ATD LINES speaker program provides citizen information and public comments to facilitating roundtable discussions on specific transportation issues for Lake Washington Short Line Railway Business Planning, that would provide railway economic development access to passenger and freight rail and business development along east side rail line community corridor.

In addition to providing speaker discussion about railway transportation priorities for Seattle, King County and Washington State, citizens and corporations open comment and discuss of railway improvement issues with ATD LINES speaker concerning Short Line Railway Development Project. As current ATD LINES proposal is for East Side Railway Business Improvements.

Providing speaker and audience comment to ATD LINES, would allow a greater amount of information to be exchanged for direction planning, along with knowledgeable citizen input for railway transportation experts and policy makers to be more informed on financial planning and federal agency resource direction, including private corporation capitalization to improve railway passenger industry services.

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