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Amtrak Photography Guidelines   Railway Photography Rules
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Members are reminded to stay away from tracks, moving trains, yards, railroad structures as in: bridges, trestles, towers, signals, wires, rail equipment and the railroad right-of-way.

Members must not trespass on railroad property or on private property adjacent to the railroad. Obtain permission first and use common sense.

Stay in public access areas such as stations,rail crossings, sidewalks, buildings. highway bridges, parking lots, highways, overpasses, national forest & parks, state/city public parks and public waterfront area. Obtain permission if accessing private property.

All Members agree to assume the risk of harm and release Amtrak, Amtrak Cascades, Sound Transit, ATD LINES, National Railway Photography Club & Chapters and All Operating Railways from all liability for personal injury and loss of property.

Members are reminded that railroad tracks, trestles, yards and equipment are private property and that trespassers maybe subject to arrest and fines.

Some stations served by Amtrak (Photograpy Guidlines), Amtrak Cascades, Sound Transit Trains and Operating Railways require advance permission for Members Photographers.

Always obey all contest, railway rules and Federal-Regional-State-Local Laws.

Always be safe and use common sense. As much of railroad property is not fenced, nor are property lines marked, thus difficult to determine where railroad property begins & ends.


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