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Auburn valley was originally the home of the Skopamish, Smalhkamish, and Stkamish Indian tribes. The first settlers in the region were explorers and traders who arrived in the 1830s. The White River tribes collectively became known as the Muckleshoot tribe and new treaty provided the establishment of the Muckleshoot Reservation, which is the reservation within the boundaries of King County. In 1891 Auburn was incorporated as "Slaughter," named after William Slaughter, who died in an Indian skirmish in 1855, the main hotel in town was called the "Slaughter House." In 1893, a large group of settlers from Auburn, New York moved to Slaughter, and renamed the town to "Auburn." There are several locations in Auburn on the National and State Registers of Historic Places, such as the Neely Mansion.

Nestled in a fertile river valley, Auburn has been both a farm community and a center of business and industry for more than 150 years. Auburn had been a bustling center for hop farming until 1890 when the crops were destroyed by aphids, which gave dairy and berry farms a start. Valley flooding was still a problem for Auburn farmers up until the Howard Hanson Dam was built in 1962. This dam on the Green River, along with the Mud Mountain Dam on the White River, provided controlled river management, which left the valley nearly flood-free.

The Northern Pacific Railroad put a rail line through town in 1883, but it was the Seattle-Tacoma Interurban line that allowed easy access to both cities starting in 1902. The Interurban allowed farmers to get their product to the markets within hours after harvest. The railroad, along with better roads, caused many new companies to set up business in Auburn, among them the Borden Condensery and the Northern Clay Company.

The postwar era was prosperous to Auburn, bringing more businesses and a community college to the city. In 1963, The Boeing Company built a large facility to mill sheet metal skin for jet airliners. Industry and Auto Density forced farms to disappeared as the land was converted to auto parking lots. In 1995, The Supermall of the Great Northwest was built in the valley, enticing fossil fuel motorist from all over the Puget Sound region to make Auburn a smog pollution traffic congested area.

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Auburn has an extensive system of parks, open space and urban trails comprising 29 developed parks, 5 undeveloped sites, 2 skates parks,2 water roatary parks, and over 37 km of trails. Including 7.2 km portion of the Inter-urban railroad right of way for bikers, walkers, runners and skaters, and 1.00 km of open space for passive and active recreation.

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Burington Northern Santa Fe
Railway Emergencies: 800-832-5452
Mile Post:

Contact: Station Security
401 Harris Street
Auburn, WA-98225

No Reservations Required
Amtrak Express Shipping 800-377-6914
Ticket Vending Machines
No Staffed Ticket Sales
No Bicycle Lockers
Parking & Restroom
No Baggage Room
No Public Telephone
Wheelchair Accessible
Platform Seating
Sheltered Seating
No Lobby Seating & Restroom
Overhead Cross Walk
No Food & Beverage Services
No Connecting Rail Services
Limited Transit Center


State Map   State Tourism

Auburn, WA   ( )  23 A Street SW   (Sound Transit Only)

Bellingham, WA  (BEL)  401 Harris Street  98225

Bingen, WA   (BNG)   Foot of Walnut Street   98605

Centralia, WA   (CTL)   210 Railroad Ave   98531

Edmonds, WA   (EDM)   211 Railroad Ave.   98020   

Ephrata,WA   (EPH) 24 Alder Street NW    98823

Everett, WA   (EVR)   3201 Smith Av   98201  

Kelso,WA   (KEL)   501 South First Street   98626

Kent, WA  ( )   301 Railroad Ave North  (Sound Transit Only)

Leavenworth, WA   (LWA)   11645 North Road, Leavenworth,Wa    98826

Longview, WA   (KEL)   501 South First Street, Kelso    98626

Mount Vernon, WA   (MVW)  725 College Way  98273

Mukilteo, WA   ( )  920 First Street   (Sound Transit Only)

Olympia,WA   (OLW)   6600 Yelm Hwy, SE    98503

Pasco-Kennewick, WA   (PSC)   Clark and Tacoma Streets   99301

Puyallup, WA  ( )  131 West Main Street  (Sound Transit Only)

Seattle, WA   (SEA)  303 South Jackson Street   98104   (Amtrak/Sound Transit)

Skykomish, WA   (SKW)  5thStreet North & Railroad Ave  98288  (Under Construction)

Spokane, WA   (SPK)   West 221 First Ave   99204

Stanwood, WA   (SNW)   84th Ave NW & 271 Street NW, Wa    98292

Sumner, WA   (SMR)   810 Maple Street, Wa    98352  Sound Transit Only

Tacoma, WA   (TAC)   1001 Puyallup Ave.   98421  

Tacoma, WA   (TAC)   424 E. 25th Street   98421   (Sound Transit Only)

Tukwila, WA   (TUK)   7301 S. 158th Street   98118   

Vancouver, WA   (VAN)   Foot of West 11th Street  98660

Wenatchee, WA   (WEN)   Foot of Kittias Street   98801

White Salmon, WA   (BNG)   Foot of Walnut Street, Bingen    98605

Wishram, WA   (WIH)   West end of Railroad Ave.  98673

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