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1. Amtrak will attempt to accommodate Privately Owned Rail Passenger Cars (Private Cars) on its trains, but reserves the right to refuse any request; which in Amtrak s judgment would cause a delay in movement of one of its trains or results in any unusual additional costs. Amtrak shall be the sole judge of which trains can accommodate private cars, between which points they may be moved and on what dates they can be handled. Operation of cars must be conducted in a safe manner and not to the detriment of Amtrak s other customers or operations.

2. Private Car Owners/Operators shall be fully cognizant of all appropriate safety rules and standards governing their conduct in and about railroad property and equipment. Passengers traveling on private cars must be made aware of these safety standards and the actions of the Owners/Operators should set the example for passengers and guests.

3. The instructions of Amtrak personnel are to be adhered to at all times.

4. Privately owned rail cars on Amtrak trains must be accessible to Amtrak operating crews and supervisory personnel responsible for Amtrak operations.

5. When occupied private cars are traveling on Amtrak, the following criterion applies:

a) A person-in-charge will be identified for all private car moves. The person-in-charge of the private car must be identified on the private car movement request form when it is submitted to Amtrak s System Operations Department and their name indicated on the Passenger Name Record (PNR).

b) The person-in-charge of the private car must meet with the Conductor at the originating point of their trip and they must discuss the emergency plan for the private car. In addition, they must discuss the evacuation plan along with a method of communication in the event of an emergency.

c) The person-in-charge of the private car must also complete a new Form NRPC 3160 Private Car Passenger Record (see attachment 2) that identifies all passengers that will be on-board the private car. The person-in-charge will give the completed form(s) to the Conductor, who will place these document(s) in the Train Collections Pouch. If the NRPC 3160 form is unavailable, form NRPC 3085 On-Board Passenger Record may be substituted.

d) The person-in-charge of the private car must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs throughout> the trip.

e) In the event that a Private Car Owner cannot meet these requirements, Amtrak will provide an additional crew member to accompany the car at the Owners expense.

6. Private cars that are in the consist of a regularly scheduled Amtrak train should be afforded the same services that are provided to that train consist. This includes: water, wet ice and car wash where applicable.

7. Amtrak reserves the right to change the conditions and rates contained herein at any time. Movements confirmed prior to any such changes will be honored at the rates quoted at that time. Operating conditions may require changes in consist position, days of operation, routing, etc.

8. A written notice must be provided whenever a Private Car Owner allows another individual use of his/her private car. Authorization of this type of agreement must be submitted to Amtrak s System Operations Department prior to movement and if the person using the car defaults on payment, the Owner is liable.

9. Radios that have the capability of transmitting on frequencies that are assigned for use in railroad operations must only be used in the event of an emergency.

All Owners/Operators/Persons-In-Charge must read the special instructions that govern the use of railroad radios by other than railroad employees (see attachment 3). They must understand and comply with these instructions and submit a signed copy of this document that will be kept on file in the Manager of Private Car Operations office in CNOC.

10. For the purposes of this tariff, the term Owner defines the Owner, Lessee or Operator of a Private Car.

Effective June 1, 2007

This document supersedes all tariffs and/or conditions for movement of privately owned railroad cars on Amtrak trains. Privately owned railroad cars may be moved on certain Amtrak trains as follows:

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