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  • Standard 34-045:     Construction of New Passenger Equipment Cars.
  • Standard 34-069:     Construction of New Passenger Equipment Cars.
  • UMLER Registration Form: PPCX Amtrak assigned 800000 series or other number.
  • Drawing Standard S-918: AEI Tag Placement Window-4 Axle Cars Rev-02.
  • Drawing Standard S-918: AEI Tag Placement Window-6 Axle Cars Rev-02.
  • Drawing 1 Rules for Safety Appliances: Passenger Cars-49 CFR 231.12
  • Drawing 2 Rules for Safety Appliances: Passenger Cars-49 CFR 231.12
  • Drawing 3 Rules for Safety Appliances: Passenger Cars-49 CFR 231.12
  • Drawing 4 Rules for Safety Appliances: Passenger Cars-49 CFR 231.12
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  • Initial Terminal: Pre-Departure Inspection Card.
  • 1000 Mile:Inspection Card.
  • Car Clearance Diagram Code A: Unrestricted Operation on Amtrak Routes.
  • Car Clearance Diagram Code B: Restricted Operation on Amtrak Routes.
  • Car Clearance Diagram Code C: Dome Car Restricted Operation on Amtrak Routes.
  • Car Clearance Diagram D: Restricted Operation on Amtrak Routes.
  • Car Clearance Diagrams: Combined including Codes A, B, C, & D.
  • MAP 1173/10C Summary: NRPC-3294 Class I Brake/Calendar Test & Daily Inspection
  • MAP 10C: Exterior/Interior Calendar Day Inspection-rev 062007
  • SMP 25603: Design Criteria for Operating Speeds of Private and Railroad Business Cars.
  • SMP 28603: Inspection of Private Cars, Standard for Handling Privately-Owned cars.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-1, Private Car Annual Inspection Report.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-1-A, Private Car Data.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-1-B, Required Supplement to PC-1.
  • SMP 28603 Instructions: PC-2. For Cars 40 Years or Older.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-2. For Cars 40 Years or Older.
  • SMP 28603 Instructions: PC-2A. 200,000 to 500,000 Miles After 40 Year.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-2A. 200,000 Mile Inspection After 40 Year.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-2A. 350,000 Mile Inspection After 40 Year.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-2A. 500,000 Mile Inspection After 40 Year.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-3. Route/Mileage Log.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-4. Shop Report.
  • SMP 28603 Form: PC-5. Private Car Clearance Form.
  • SMP 28605: Repair Track Inspection Procedure.
  • SMP 46605: Reclamation of Truck Crossbars & Swing Hangers.
  • SMP 46606: Required use of Huck Fasteners on Pedestal Tie Bars.
  • SMP 46615: Heli-Coil Repair to Upper Primary Suspensions.
  • SMP 46617: Heavy Truck Overhaul Procedure.
  • SMP 48001: Repair of Truck Frames and Bolsters by Welding.
  • SMP 49602: Repair & Reinforcement of Equalizer Spring Seats.
  • C0502: 4 Truck Frame Tramming & Pedestal Alignment.
  • NTSB R-95-3: Tread-Braked-Straight-Plate Rim-Stamped Wheels.
  • G. P. Binns Letter: 9/19/95, Use of Rim Stamped Wheels.
  • Examples: Rim & Hub Stamped Wheels.
  • Amtrak Drawing A-002-5079: Placement of Private Car Number Sign
  • RP-M-001-97: Air-Long Shank or Similar Couplers
  • RP-M-002-98: Maintenance of H-Tightlock Couplers
  • MP&E 98-13: Sill Step Application, 49 CFR Parts 231.1(d)(2) and 231.27(c)(2)
  • MP&E 98-14: Safety Appliance Securement
  • MP&E 98-30: Two-Hour Rule for Train Air Brakes
  • MP&E 98-36: Enforcement of the Safety Appliance Standards-49 CFR Part 231
  • MP&E 98-38: Passenger Train Short Looping and Head End Power Enforcement Policy
  • MP&E 07-02: Periodic Inspection of the Hand or Parking Brake(49 CFR 238.307(d)(2))
  • FRA waiver of 49 CFR 238.231(m)(2): Direct release cars in a graduated release [2003]
  • FRA waiver of 49 CFR 238.231(m)(2): Direct release cars is a graduated release [2008]


    American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association
    AREMA Publications   Railway Engineering Manuals   Railroad Glossary of Terms  

    Air Brake Association   ABA Publications
    NYAB Technical Publications  

  • Air Brakes for the Private Coaches
  • Coach Air Brakes, Part I
  • Coach Air Brakes, Part II
  • Air Brake System Leakage
  • Brake Unit & Cylinder Maintenance   
  • Via Rail Canada HEP Requirements
  • 480 Volt Trainline Jumper Cables
  • Painting Railway Equipment

  • Refrigeration Conversion
  • Universal EOT Mounting Bracket
  • How About a Buffer-Mounted EOT Bracket
  • WIPP Railcar Preventive Maintenance

  • Fatique Behavior of Railroad Wheel Steel
  • Passenger Car Trucks Components and Maintenance-Part 1
  • Passenger Car Trucks Components and Maintenance-Part 2
  • Passenger Car Trucks Disc-Brake Equipped
  • Passenger Car Wheels
  • Slack Adjusters, Part 1
  • Slack Adjusters, Part 2
  • Trucks: A Primer for Private Car Owners
  • Leveling Passenger Car Trucks
  • Decelostats, Part I, Older Systems
  • Decelostats, Part II: The E-5 System
  • Diagram & Truck Parts
  • SK-2724A Side Bearing Installation and Maintenance Procedure
  • Standard Truck Maintenance Manual


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    Rail Swap Free Classifieds  

    Railway Products

  • Lyons Industries-PA: Manufactures, Repairs Railcars Rail Trucks & Diesel Rail Cars
  • Progress Rail-AL: Integrated-Diversified Suppliers of System Products-Services in North America
  • Schneller-OH: Decorative Laminates andNon-Textile Floor Coverings For Passenger Railcars
  • Strato Inc-NJ: Manufactures railroad products For Locomotive, Freight, and Transit
  • Westcode-PA: Brake Controls, Brake Actuation Equipment, Air Supply-Air Conditioning Systems
  • Rail Chocks-SC: Rail chocks, Skids, and Car wheel blocks
  • Inca Gold Products LLC-CA: Deodorant for Crew-Passenger Toilets, And Holding Tanks

  • New York Air Brake-NY: Supplier Of Innovative Train Control Systems
  • Northwest Rail Electric-OR: Custom Electric Equipment, Components, Controls & Hardware
  • Ogontz Corporation-PA: Valves, Meters, Gauges, Testing Equipment, and HVAC
  • Harting-IL: Electrical-Electronic Connectors, Components, and Cable Harnesses
  • Pittsburgh Air Brake Co-PA: Repair And Parts Air Brake Systems
  • Ellcon National-SC Brake Components
  • Railroad Friction Products Corp-NC: Manufactures Cobra High-Low Friction Brake Shoes


  • Trotter & Morton-WA: Commerical Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Heritage Rail Business Consulting-NC: Marketing, Technology, Fundraising, and Business Strategy
  • PDI Rail Solutions-TX: Consultancy To The Rail Transportation Industry
  • Avalon Rail-WI: Engineering, Systems Design & Historical Preservation
  • Alabama Railcar Service-AL: Mechanical Repairs, Painting, Fabrication, And Cleaning
  • Carroll Group-FL: Railcar Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, and Certification


  • D. F. Barnhardt & Associates-NC: Railway Equipment Sales & Marketing
  • Train Source Inc-CA: Railway Equipment Sales & Rentals
  • Ozark Mountain Railcar-MO Brokerage Sale Of Railroad Properties And Equipment.
  • Rail Merchants International-IA: Buys-SellsDeluxe Passenger Railcars In North America
  • Wabash National Corporation-IN: Manufacturer of Bimodal VehiclesWith Its RoadRailer Products
  • Bombardier-Germany: Builds Rail Passenger Vehicles-Locomotives, Maintenance, Bogies, Controls
  • J. Pinckney Henderson-SC: Railcar Restoration
  • The Andersons Rail Group-: Railcar Repair, Leasing, Sales, and Steel Fabrication
  • EIKON International-AL: Builds and restores Vintage Railcars
  • Kawasaki Rail Car-NY: Fabrication, Assembly, Rehabilitation, Passenger Railcars
  • Gateway Rail Services, Inc.-IL: Repair, Rebuilds, Parts, Accessories, Design
  • Stanrail Corporation-IN: Manufactures Floors, Doors, Roofs, and Levers
  • Mid America Car-MO: Freight-Passenger Car Repairs


  • ORX-PA Manufactures Wheelsets, Trucks, Gear Units, Axles
  • Standard Car Truck Company-IL: Railroad Car Truck, Railway Wagon, and Bogie Components
  • Columbus Castings-OH: Steel Castings Components and TrucksU-ndercarriage Systems
  • ACF Industries-WV: Railcar Parts, Car Conversions, And Railcar Wheel-Axle Machining and Mounting
  • American Allied Railway-IL: New-Reconditioned Wheelsets and Repair
  • Griffin Wheel Company-KS: Railroad Wheel Research, Development, And Manufacturing


  • A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.-WA: Rail Cross Sections, Ties, Track Accessories, Frogs
  • Southeast Railraod Supply-GA Crossing, Rubber Products, Track Material, Signal & Parts
  • Birmingham Rail & Locomotive-AL: Spikes, Frog-Switch, Relay Rail


  • Andover Junction Publications-IL: Books-Magazines & Professional Publishing
  • Rolling Stock Pictures-VA: Media & Film Production For Internet Video
  • Tellit Productions-WA: Corporate Histories
  • Imagine CDs-WA: Custom Marketing CD Company
  • PromoShop-CA: Promotional Advertising Products And Specalities
  • Reidler Decal Corporation-PA: Logo design, Full Wraps, Reflective Material
  • Eric's Railroad Car History-: Publishes Electronic Books Of Railcar History And Photographs

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