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Keep American Towns Humming Local Lifelines for Business
Moving Big Volumes Shortline Challenges
Environmental Compliance Handbook Clinging to Profits
Oregon Helps Port Buy Shortline Five shortlines selected for stimulus funds
Wyoming Receives Achievement Award Energy Solutions Purchase Shortline
Role Of Shortlines in Oregon

Three lines serving highly desirable industrial sites in southeastern NC and northeastern SC.

Line runs from Flomaton to Corduroy, AL, and interchanges with CSX in Flomaton.

Line runs from Georgiana to Geneva, AL, a distance of 76 miles and interchanges with CSX Transportation at Georgiana.

Largest intermediate switching terminal railroad in the United States, employing more than 620 people. Serves 28 miles of mainline route with more than 300 miles of switching tracks, allowing it to interchange with every railroad serving the Chicago rail hub. Operates Major Clearing Yards span a 5.5 mile distance among 786 acres, supporting more than 250 miles of track.

Serves the largest steel-making and manufacturing center.

Marketing and management support for feeder railroads.

Serving as a holding company for various railroads and railroad service corporations.

Class III Shortline, switch carrier located in East Baltimore City and Baltimore County, MD.

Serves 87 mile Short Line carrier connecting Northwest Indiana's industrial complex with 19 transcontinental, regional, and local railroads, including those within the Chicago Switching District.

Serving over two rail lines, one from Chattanooga, TN, to Lyerly, GA, and the other from Chattanooga, TN, to Hedges, GA.

Operates over 207 miles of mainline and 104 miles of sidetrack. The principal service is transportation by rail of bulk freight between Columbus and Greenville, MS.

38 miles, including 8 miles of trackage rights on the Illinois Central through Decatur, IL.

Class III Linehaul, operating in the Effingham Business Park in Effingham, IL.

Operating 49 miles of track from Fort Smith to Paris, AR.

Serving 50-mile route extending from North Walpole, NH to Rutland, VT. Operates Passenger excursions, restoration, repair and other services also available.

Class III Linehaul, operating within the Howard M. Wolf Business Park in Greenville, IL.

Operates in Mississippi and offers passenger motorcar excursion.

Operateson shores of Lake Erie in Lorain, OH is a terminal switching carrier serving USS and Kobe Steel Company.

Operates over 32 mile system between Columbus, MS, and Belk, AL.

Operates along the Monongahela River in McKeesport, PA, including terminal switching for Camp-Hill Pipe Mill.

Serves a diverse commodity, including scrap metal and paper, fertilizer, aggregates, animal by-products, and manufactured and food products.

Operates from Oxford, MS, to Grand Junction, TN, a total of 56.5 miles.

Serving Central California.

Operator of Brooklyn New York Cross Harbor Railroad: the only float-barge freight railroad in the northeastern region.

Operator of shortlines in central Pennsylvania.

Operates 13 shortlines in the US and Canada.

Operates fourteen railroads totaling over 500 miles in eight states.

Operates fourteen short line railroads and provides freight service over approximately 2,450 miles of track in eight states and Chile.

Cooperative Research Centre for Railway Engineering and Technologies.

3,900 miles of track for a leading short line railroad holding company.

Operating on 115 miles of track in southwestern FL.

Serves Burkart Foam, Inc. and the Allwaste Corporation in Cairo, IL.

Marketing & Sales Department for shortline railroads, including Consulting Firm specializing in rail freight issues.

Serving Lower British Columbia Mainland.

Subsidiary of Canadian National Railways and Canadian Pacific Limited.

Operating over 229 miles of track serving agricultural counties in Minnesota and South Dakota.

Serving Coal mines, Steel mills, Coke production, Auto stamping plants, Distribution and Manufacturing Facilities.

Operates in Vandalia, IL, interchanges with Conrail over 3.45 miles.

Serves 15 miles of track and right-of-way, extending from Hartford to Paw Paw, MI.

Serving the southern half of the State of Wisconsin.

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